Video: Ronda Rousey hides her face in shame, refuses to answer Paparazzi

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey arrived in Los Angeles after suffering one of the most humiliating one sided beatings in the history of the sport to huge underdog Holly Holm. The UFC 193 event was held in Australia and sold over fifty thousand tickets.

Rousey known for her brash personality and arrogance, was given a slice of humble pie after calling her humble opponent fake and cursing at her at weigh-ins, and refusing to touch Holly Holm’s gloves before the fight, only to receive her first loss by getting knocked out cold in two rounds. Holm is the polar opposite of Rousey, after knocking her out she knelled down to check if the former champion was okay instead of rubbing it in and celebrating.

Paparazzi spotted Rousey at the airport in Los Angeles with her boyfriend UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, Rousey was walking with her head down in a hoodie with a pillow and blanket covering her face in shame. The former baddest woman on the planet known was clearly still emotional about the defeat and refused to answer any questions on her loss.

Rousey who is known also for bashing undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., had an unlikely supportive message from the retired champ, he recently told Rousey to keep her head up and that she would bounce back, even offering to help train her to improve her boxing

Video courtesy of TMZ sports