Watch Face Off With Max Kellerman: Pacquiao Vs. Bradley On HBO

Before Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley face off inside the boxing ring on June 9th, they will first face off in a unique interview segment hosted by Max Kellerman called Face Off With Max Kellerman: Pacquiao vs. Bradley.

Fight fans are familiar with Manny Pacquiao an international boxing superstar and Politician in the Philippines, but Timothy Bradley known to boxing fans but not casuals will be the next man to challenge the Pacman in hopes of defeating the iconic boxer and becoming a superstar in the process.

Max Kellerman moderates the insightful interview session (shot earlier but airing on May 12th) between Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach, and Bradley and his trainer Joel Diaz.

Watch the premiere of HBO’s Face Off With Max Kellerman: Pacquiao vs. Bradley Saturday, May 12 on HBO at 12:30 PM ET/PT and visit to check the schedule for replay dates of Face Off: Pacquiao-Bradley.