Heavyweight Action as Rappers Prepare For Chart Assault At East London Boxing Gym

Independent band LIMITLESS wanted a proper East End feel for the video of the latest track ‘Hold It Down’. After weeks checking out, and rejecting, various locations around the area the boys popped into the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town for a quick recce and in an instant knew they had found the perfect place.

After some nifty negotiations the boys secured the gym and just over a week later got down to shooting the video.

Whilst retaining the feel of a gritty East End fight factory – after all the TRAD TKO is the very place that World Champions Graham Earl, Kevin Lear and Tony Oakey honed their skills and where today’s stars such as WBO Inter-Continental Champ Kevin Mitchell, Commonwealth Middleweight King Billy Joe Saunders, former British champs Colin Lynes and Leon Williams train for their big fights – director Ounjoye has somehow created an smooth, yet stylish video.

Following the final edit, Eren Tame, the CEO of LIMITLESS, and rappers Warren and Ben returned to the gym to showcase the video to TRAD TKO supremo Johnny Eames and some of the boxers, after which he spoke a little about the band and the making of the new video.

“Yeah, we’re a young music group called LIMITLESS, from right here in the East End of London, we’ve been making music together for about three years now.



There’s six members altogether, we’ve got Luke, he’s like the producer, he writes also and does a lot of hooks on the songs. We’ve got Warren, singer/rapper, Ben, he writes and also does the e.mails and stuff, then we’ve got Reece and Jamie, they’re younger lads, they’re seventeen, they MC , they attract a younger crowd as well, you know more from their age group. Finally there’s me, I’m the CEO of the group and I’m also a singer/rapper.

This is our new video, which we’ve done for our YouTube channel, but also want to get it on TV, yeah the next step is getting onto TV, maybe channel AKA Flavour, then let’s see where it goes from there.

We’ve made a few videos now, all around the East End, obviously we’ve just finished one here at the TRAD TKO Gym, it’s a brilliant gym and I’ve always wanted to come here, done me ankle in so couldn’t do it, but now I have.

We’re just gonna keep going in the industry and showing East London differently, instead of all the negatives, you know something a little more up tempo.”

the video of ‘Hold it Down, by LIMITLESS, which at time of writing had already had over 24,000 plays on-line, can be viewed on YouTube: