Chris Eubank Sr’s reaction to Mayweather-Maidana

Chris Eubank, who called a potential upset before the fight, now reflects on the bout between the man many say is the American Hip Hop version of Eubank himself, Mayweather Jr, and Marcus Maidana this past Saturday night.

“Congratulations to Floyd Jr for matching the record of the great Joe Calzaghe. It was a close contest, that perhaps warrants a rematch.

“That Maidana style is tough for any fighter who primarily picks his punches and attempts to control the tempo of the bout. Thomas Hearns fought a guy named Juan Roldan once if people remember. Roldan swarmed him similarly and Thomas was hit more than he was ever hit even by great fighters.

“But Hearns started to hit him in about round three and four when Roldan slowed down, and Thomas won by knockout via body punches. And where was Roldan from? Argentina, like Maidana.”