Ricky Hatton picks BJ Penn to win against St. Pierre

In a Interview by SunSport Ricky Hatton who attended the UFC 91 event in Las Vegas days before his upcoming fight with Paulie Malignaggi, Hatton met BJ Penn who he has watched fight on Television before and  Hatton said he shares some similarities to BJ and backs him in his upcoming bout against GSP.

Here are some qoutes from the Article:

Speaking exclusively to SunSport, he said: “I’ve seen BJ fight on television and it was great to meet him at ringside. We wished each other luck in our fights.

“He’s a little like me in some respects, he isn’t a natural welterweight but he’s willing to fight at welterweight to get the bigger fights.

“I totally understand him wanting to fight GSP again. It’s exactly how I feel wanting to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr again.

“BJ feels he didn’t give his best in that first fight, that he could have won it had he done things differently, and he’s willing to come back up to welterweight to prove it. You have to respect that in any sport.”

Hatton on his Friendship with UFC President Dana White:

He added: “I am friends with the UFC and Dana White. When I was training out in Las Vegas I wasn’t comfortable with the gym I was using and we texted Dana – who we’d met before – asking if he could help and he gave us the UFC gym.

“I’ve trained at the UFC gym for a couple of fights and the UFC have always been great to me.

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