Erick Ochieng: Undaunted By Controversial Loss – Focuses On Title Shot In May

Last Friday night Stoke Newington’s Erick ‘The Eagle’ Ochieng suffered a highly contentious loss to Castleford’s Luke ‘Lionheart’ Robinson at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.

Ochieng versus Robinson was main support to the co-headlining title fights of Adil Anwar versus Nathan Graham (International Masters) and Peter McDonagh versus Darren Hamilton (Southern Area) at the excellent Hard Knocks Boxing Promotions ‘Shamrock Showdown’ event.

Right from the opening bell Robinson quickly closed down Ochieng, in order to neutralise Ochieng’s highly effective jab. Ochieng was savvy and went on the back foot to find some room to get his jab off.

Robinson kept coming forward, throwing some pretty wild shots, until eventually he had backed Ochieng onto the ropes. Robinson kept throwing wild off target shots at the ever ducking and weaving Ochieng, who in return responded with some highly effective stiff jabs to force Robinson back.

It was a close round, Robinson the more aggressive, but failing to hit the ever moving target, whilst Ochieng was more controlled and getting results by landing good solid jabs.

Round two was more of the same with Robinson pushing. Ochieng on the other hand was content to stay with his back to the ropes and pick off Robinson at will with stiff jabs and punishing one-twos to the body.

An easy round to call as Robinson barely landed a punch for all his wind milling whilst Ochieng, who barely threw a couple of dozen shots throughout the whole round, landed each effort solidly, much to the delight of this fans who in unison chanted ‘Eagle, Eagle, Eagle’ after each contact.

Both rounds three and four were more of the same, Robinson flies out of the trap but ‘The Eagle’ just stays calm and picks him off at will – Robinson pushes forward but barely lands a glove on the ever mobile Ochieng, yet gets caught himself by every precision counter.

The crowd jeer as referee Ken Curtis raises Robinson’s arm aloft declaring him victorious by a 39-38 points margin. the packed York Hall crowd jeer and boo the decision whilst Ochieng and his manager-coach Brian Lawrence look around confused as Robinson celebrates.

Shortly after the result was officially read out promoter Spencer Fearon announced that there will be a rematch at his next show, much to the delight of the assembled crowd.

On returning to training, at the Ultrachem TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, Ochieng was clearly undaunted with the controversial loss as he said, “I’m disappointed to have lost, but I thank God for the opportunity to fight. I’m going to become stronger from this.

It was supposed to be a six rounder, but it was reduced from a six rounder to a four rounder.

My plan for a six rounder was to break him down and then knock him out.

I rocked him a couple of times but didn’t have enough time to take him out. I lost by just one point.

As I say I am just glad to get the opportunity to fight.

I have terrific supporters, they’re awesome. I just want to thank them all for coming down.

You haven’t seen the best of the Eagle yet, the best is still to come.

I’ve got the Southern Area (title fight) coming up soon and will be back on winning ways then.”

As Ochieng had stated he will be fighting for the Southern Area Light Middleweight title in the near future. However, there is a high possibility that the proposed rematch with Luke Robinson may come first as Spencer Fearon has stated that his next York Hall show will be in May or June.