Canelo Alvarez will be the one to KO Floyd Mayweather

By Jorge Conejo

I’m so amped up just thinking about the Floyd Mayweather vs. Saul Canelo Alvarez fight that I started watching old tapes of both fighters to analyze their styles just before the big show.

I thought this would be an easy fight for Mayweather but after watching Canelo’s recent performances and Floyd’s last fights with Miguel Cotto and Robert Guerrero, I have a strong feeling that Canelo wins by KO or TKO.

We all know that the only way that Canelo can beat Floyd is by stoppage because he is not a pressure fighter with a high work rate and his stamina isn’t too great. I think what needs to be done here is for Canelo to pick his shots and walk down Floyd and hit him to the body to get him tired. In the Guerrero fight Mayweather was dropping his hands a lot and leaving himself open to get hit when he tried to roll his shoulders, he got hit a lot against Miguel Cotto and his nose started bleeding.

A lot of people are underestimating Canelo Alvarez in this fight, they think he is just some kid from Mexico who fought a bunch of cab drivers, but that’s not the case when you watch him fight, he has the patience of a 20 year veteran and doesn’t waste his punches like many young fighters do. His confidence and his composure is what impresses me the most, he isn’t some young inexperienced boxer like Victor Ortiz that panics when it gets tough.

On September 14 you will see a tactical chessmatch. You will see Floyd Mayweather Jr. receive his first defeat and you will have a new king in boxing, a real fighter who will fight anyone and not boast about the money he makes. Viva Canelo!