Jeff Horn gets a dirty hometown decision over Manny Pacquiao

What a sad ending to an exciting action packed fight. People finally got to see Manny Pacquiao fight on prime time ESPN for Free and not PPV, and right when Boxing was winning with this fight it ends with an hometown robbery going to Jeff Horn.

I was impressed with Jeff Horn’s stamina, heart and awkward style, but the man was very dirty, he purposely head butt Manny three times, two of them cutting Pacquiao wide open on each side of his head with blood pouring out. Horn also used his elbow, used choke holds, weighed his body on the older smaller fighter, and even was putting his forearm in Manny’s face and on his neck. The referee was not doing his job either. He allowed Horn to fight dirty and pull Manny’s head down and headbutt without warning.

The scorecard was too wide in Horn’s favor, I wonder if that judge who scored the fight 117-111 for Horn has the 9th round in favor of Horn. Pacquiao almost stopped the younger bigger Australian in that round if the judge scored that round for Horn the fight was a blatant fix.

The only way I could see the judges scoring it that way is if he was blinded by the bright sunlight and couldn’t see. The headbutts were the only real damage Manny took, Horn landed some very hard flush right hands that Pacquiao took well and came back with more.

I’m so saddened by this, it was a great night of boxing only to be marred by a disgusting dirty hometown decision down under. I hope Manny doesn’t rematch Horn, and fight his last fight on the Philippines so he can retire in front of his countrymen.

  • Patricia Josol

    I won’t be a proud Australian for Horn’s use of dirty tricks in his fight with Manny Pacquiao neither as one of his students. What a shame for an Aussie so-called relief teacher.